Street Style Inspirations of 2012

Our list of Best Street Style Goddesses

As this crazy year draws to a close, we’ve decided to review on our favourite and best street style inspirations for the year. Though both Vic and I hold distinct and different classifications on what “style” is, we both readily agreed that these 10 style mamas and fashionistas flaunt a unique sense of street wear and fashion credibility, enough to grab our (or anyone’s) attention. 

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Ming Xi (Xi Meng Yao)


This 5’10 Chinese model, Ming Xi, never once fails to amaze us with her ability to pull off basics and neutrals, while still looking sharp and fresh. Her colour palette, usually between the range of the monochromes to the pale shades of pink and beige with the occasional infusion of bright colours are played around effortlessly and tastefully, without leaving her looking old and dull. Her style dossier includes sharp, tailored blazers and pant suits, denim, leggings, and statement footwear ranging from gladiator sandals to lace-up leather boots to snazzy heels and designer totes. 



Sibling models slash socialites, Poppy and Cara Delevingne, are a definite must have on our list of street style inspirations. We dare say, these ladies can dress. Poppy, who is six years older than Cara, frequently sports classic pieces with a touch of boldness. Often seen in high-end brands such as Temperley London and Sass & Bide, just to name a few, coupled with her immaculate styling abilities, she’s able to project appealing and gorgeous ensembles. Not only that, her fearlessness and bold attitude emanates from her choices of micro short suits to sheer lace and leopard bling sneakers. Cara, is definitely our personal favourite. Grunge, punk, sexy and chill, this is why we love her. Her signature style of day-time vests, t-shirts, leather jackets and skinny denim jeans makes her, possibly, one of the most relatable style icon for our age group (15-21 years) to date. They hold it down and have all the bases covered. Poppy with the elegant, preppy chic and Cara with the subtle, rocker grunge look. 



Elizabeth, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, are not foreign names to the fashion world. These women, have established themselves as front-runners in the fashion and couture sphere, championing their signature looks inspired by Yohji Yamamoto and Calvin Klein. Our list wouldn’t look right without the Olsen twins on it.Their over accessorizing plus brilliant styling skills makes them look a million bucks effortlessly. It’s definitely not surprising that the youngest of the sisters, Elizabeth, took on the path of fashion. But don’t get her wrong, she’s no follower. Elizabeth has her own thing going on, unlike her sisters who delve in classics and unique cuts and pieces, she opts for the basics which she pulls off really well. Her ensemble of fitted skinny jeans, a shirt, blazer and loafers looks easy and simple, but looks the total opposite. She doesn’t play it safe either, venturing into velvet suits and Valentinos. This trio, a definite must watch in the months to come (and possibly forever!).

Victoria Beckham


All hail the queen of urban glam! Lady Beckham is the epitome of posh, high street elegance and we simply cannot get enough of her. She is always seen polishly dressed in cigarette pants, flared or fitted denims with a smart, white crisp shirt on top. Victoria “Posh” Beckham's signature style includes her innovative experimentation with fitted body-hugging dresses, tailored suits, be it the top or bottoms, usually tied together gorgeously with skycraper heels or boots and a reptile skinned clutch. Immaculate. Examplary. Flawless. Need we say more?

Emma Watson


Good looks, great acting skills, intelligence and exceptional style. What doesn’t Emma Watson have? Though usually seen in chic and simple pieces, Emma is still definitely a head turner. She charmed us with her short fitted dresses (with the occasional ruffles and embellishments) paired with neutral coloured platforms. Trench coats and sweaters still remain her favourites, often seen on the streets and in between flights. Even in narrow fit pants and a tailored blazer, Emma still looks feminine and graceful with a touch of masculinity. This British belle definitely knows how to work her magic - onscreen and off!

Olivia Palermo


New York socialite Olivia Palermo is no stranger to the word bold. 2012 saw her employment of prints and colours tied together with intricate, complex styling. Her niche has got to be pairing different prints, introducing us to a whole new spectrum of shades, prints and colour combination - most of which we don’t even dare think about. Her style palate, it seems for 2012, encompassed tailored blazers worn over skinny jeans or pants with heels and a designer tote. Our favourite was her coral collarless coat with leather patch pockets and black buttoned sleeves. She wore it over a pair of skinny jeans with ankle zippers that gave us a glimpse of those mean Reiss ankle-wrap stilettos. A Givenchy tote and some cute cat shades to top it all off. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Miranda Kerr


This angel can really work it. Rarely seen without her designer tote, which are mostly duffels if we might add, Miranda Kerr has got it all covered. From her airy, summery dresses to perfectly fitted skinny jeans and her incredible collection of heels, boots, sandals…and the list goes on, Miranda has got our eyes watching her every move. She never fails to disappoint, donning tasteful and intelligent choices boasting an air of cheeriness and confidence. Though we’ve got a sweet spot for her sexy lingerie on catwalks, but it’s her effortless street style that got us down to take notes. She’s even made running errands look sexy and stylish even with a baby in her arms, throwing on a leather jacket over some fitted jeans and a duffel. We don’t think we’ve seen Miranda (or Orlando Bloom in fact) in a bad outfit, ever! 

So who’s your street style inspiration for the year 2012? Let us know!

Two of Victoria’s favourite looks by Thomas Wee.

Daniel Boey actually wore the red suit immediately the next day!

Thomas Wee for Fide Fashion Week.


I chose these two picks from Thomas Wee’s collection because of it’s stunning ability to look so refined and yet minimalistic. After almost an hour’s long chat with Thomas Wee, he revealed that his collection was named “Austere” because he wanted to strip away all the embellishments and intricate designs and create a polished and clean look without all the complications. I admire his ability to create Couture looks that are not form fitting or decked with crystals and looking absolutely sophisticated in all it’s simplicity. 

Thomas Wee’s desire for class, style and perfection for his creations is a great inspiration to my inner budding designer. His word of advice? No matter how tough it is, grit your teeth and tighten your belt, even if it means no food and no sleep. The toughest part is not starting out, but continuing through. 

- Alexandra Crystal Victoria

We know how difficult it is to design menswear but this French designer just makes it look so effortless!

Here’s Tiara’s favourite picks from Marc-Antoine Barrois’s collection.

Marc-Antoine Barrois for Fide Fashion Week


I admit, I love suits and leather! So how can I possibly not adore these gorgeous pieces? It’s definitely not hard to see the amount of maturity in the cuts and its simplicity, my peepers were glued to the screen. 

The short blazer was definitely a refreshing change, and coupled with a pair of harem pants are like a match made in heaven. Who would’ve thought of such an interesting combination, right? I don’t know about you guys, but this is something I’d definitely wear out. We are too used to seeing normal tailored suits, or the ‘current’ coordinated, printed suits but none like these. In sleek black, Barrois plays around with the structure and totally shifts the conventional architecture of a suit. Such a genius. 

x, Tiara Skadiang

Here’s Tiara’s two picks of her favourite looks from Junko Shimada! 

Oh look! Turbans! Do you like them?

Junko Shimada for Fide Fashion Week. 


We saw an array of stunning head pieces through out Junko Shimada’s show. All I can say is, p-e-r-f-e-c-t. She’s definitely bringing back turban fashion, making it look so  simple yet so elegant. It was surprising to see turbans part of haute couture but I guess we have to agree globalisation has turned the course of fashion to greater heights, injected with cultural fusions, racial and ethnic influences.

Locally and regionally, the turban fashion has swept across the muslim community, trading the conventional hijab style, to a turban ensemble. Firstly, Yuna, a Malaysian songwriter-composer, became the frontrunner of this turban trend that has taken the world by storm and now Junko has channeled it into the realm of haute couture and exposed it on an international platform. Would we see more turban-esque ensembles and headgears soon? Our guess is yes. 

x, Tiara Skadiang